ClearCoin ICO Buy Sell Media On Decentralized Applications

ClearCoin ICO is Powering the Blockchain Web. ClearCoin is a technology company that powers the real-time buying and selling of media on decentralized applications and the broader digital environment.

ClearCoin ICO Sale Dates: Upto 31 March 2018.

Discount on Clearcoin ICO: 0.01$ to 0.1$ / CLR Tokens.

** Note: CLR Prices rises after every 3 days.

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Let us check what this ClearCoin tells us more about itself.

  • ClearCoin SmartProfile Framework connects with the Geometric ClearCoin SmartStone Ledger, allowing you to track ad inventory with Next-Generation Blockchain Technology.
  • Analytics that go with you when you leave the office. Campaigns that move with you and provide a breath of clarity when you need it most. Track all the key data points in the blink of an eye with The ClearVision App for iOS & Android. Receive customized notifications that change based on your team’s behavior. Get the right message sent to you when your key data points change and be on the lookout for exciting new insights that our platform can find.

ClearCoin ICO has solution for:

  • Marketers Marketers who need to bring their message to the world.
  • Brands Brands that need to grow their relationships to their customer.
  • Agencies Agencies looking for transparency, security, and modern technology.
  • Ad Networks Ad networks that aggregate demand.
  • Publishers Publishers in the broad digital environment including decentralized applications.
  • Publisher Networks Networks that aggregate supply.
  • Demand Side Platforms Aggregated demand platforms that bid on exchanges.
  • Supply Side Platforms Aggregated supply platforms that need bids on inventory.

Features of ClearCoin ICO:

  • Buying For those who need to buy ad spots to increase awareness.
  • Selling Ad revenue to publishers who have ad spots to sell.
  • Safety Detection of non-human activity and blacklisted publishers.
  • Bidding Auction format bidding to ensure good economics in the market.
  • Data Data that respects the privacy of users and delivers relevant content.
  • Blockchain Our proof-of-history ledger on blockchain ensures transparency and solves ad fraud.
  • Smart Contracts Smart contracts between advertisers and publishers facilitate efficient and secure ad buys.
  • Analytics Real-time data that helps determine the future course of your ad campaigns.

Ad Formats Available for ClearCoin ICO Project:

  • Display & Native Ad formats presented to the user in line with content or during the browsing experience.
  • Mobile One of the greatest emerging ad formats of the last ten years.
  • Virtual Reality One of the greatest emerging ad formats of the next ten years.
  • Social Ad formats placed on social media platforms or with enhanced social sharing capability.
  • Television A very resilient format that adapts to ongoing trends.
  • Video A digital format that continues to grow.
  • Audio A format that shows resilience with the growing popularity of digital radio and streaming.
  • Search While most of the search market is centralized, we expect decentralization in the future.

Overall report says that ClearCoin ICO is technically very much sound.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything related to ClearCoin ICO and your interpretation of this article.

ClearCoin ICO

ClearCoin ICO

Whitepaper, Technical Paper, 1-Pager

8.5 /10

Team, Members and Office

9.5 /10

Website Review

10.0 /10

Firm Establishment

9.0 /10

Referral and Bounties

0.0 /10

Token/ Coin Price

10.0 /10

Gap in Pre ICO and ICO Sale

10.0 /10

Smart Contract/ Token Sale

6.0 /10

Investment Options

10.0 /10

Social Presence

10.0 /10

Positive Points

  • Real-time buying and selling
  • Solution for marketers and agencies
  • Advertised already with big brands
  • Clearest and most transparent advertising software
  • Nearly 50 coins available for investment

Negative Points

  • ICO for serious Internet users
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