COLU ICO An Alternative To Credit Cards

COLU ICO in other words you can call it CLN Network as strong as any other project on top now. What I personally feel about this ICO is their flexible and vast range of reaching people.

Presale CLN Network : Till 30th Jan 2018.

Crowd Sale:  14th Feb’ 2018 onwards.

Price Per Token: ~0.095 USD

CLN Network ICO Details:

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COLU LOCAL NETWORK A decentralized payment network powered by cryptocurrencies.

Bringing Cryptocurrencies to Everyday Payments We want to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency market and everyday consumers. We’ll bring it into the mainstream by removing the barriers to access, and by helping people trust and understand what we believe to be the future of money. How will we do it? By connecting everyday purchases through our digital wallet app to a payment network that enables token based incentives.

Connecting Fiat Money and Tokens Colu has been an active player in the blockchain space since 2012. Our digital wallet app was launched in early 2017 and is now operating in 4 cities in the UK and Israel with 100K users and more than 70K monthly transactions. We are now adding the ability for any community to create a localized currency and use it as a reward for local consumption.

What is The Colu Local Network (CLN) The CLN is a payment network that allows communities to issue their own currency and use it to incentivise merchants and consumers for buying and selling with fiat.

An Alternative to Credit Card Companies The CLN aims to utilize the power of cryptocurrencies to create a better, more transparent payment system that can offer an alternative to credit card companies.

  • Users will get community currency as a reward for purchasing from local merchants. When users use the CLN network, the fee that previously went to the credit card processor will instead go to the community currency as reward.
  • You will be able to test the functionality of the CLN once the token sale has ended, for now you can download our app that is currently not connected to the CLN. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • The CLN will be created around its network and token – every service the CLN provides on the network will be accessible using its token. Users will have a choice to use any network for payments even if it’s a CLN fork.
    When access and trust in the financial world is democratized, financial networks will have to think about adding value and cutting friction and concerns about forking will be secondary.

  • The added value of each network is not by its codebase, but rather, by the number of stakeholders and tools built on the network. The CLN not only provides the protocol and liquidity, but creates a network of users, businesses and gateways from day one. For example, if someone develops a micro payment solution then someone can just fork it, however, in our case it’s a whole ecosystem of stakeholders which is unforkable.

  • Over the last 3 years Colu learned how to build local communities and the technical challenges blockchain developers face in order to do that at scale.
    Now we are planning to open source this knowledge so others will be able to grow the network. We’re approached frequently to bring Colu to new communities around the world (Universities, Municipalities, BID’s and more), and the CLN will enable new financial business models and for other stakeholders to build on top and expand the network.

Overall report says that CLN Network ico is fundamentally very good to try.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything related to COLU ICO and your interpretation of this article.



Whitepaper, Technical Paper, 1-Pager

9.0 /10

Team, Members and Office

9.0 /10

Website Review

9.0 /10

Firm Establishment

6.0 /10

Referral and Bounties

7.0 /10

Token/ Coin Price

8.0 /10

Gap in Pre ICO and ICO Sale

10.0 /10

Smart Contract/ Token Sale

10.0 /10

Investment Options

5.0 /10

Social Presence

9.0 /10

Positive Points

  • A decentralized payment network powered by cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto in Everyday payments
  • Use in lieu of credit cards

Negative Points

  • Only ETH investment
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