KodakOne ICO Brings Rent Invest Trade

KodakOne ICO is under a big brand name KODAK itself, if its true ICO. I have many queries but no solution to them. I personally would not invest and recommend to invest in it.

Token Sale: Started on 25th January 2016.

Token Price: 1$.

Discount / Bonus: None

Kodakone Token Name: KDKC

Silent features of Kodak One ICO:

  • No whitepaper.
  • No team details given.
  • No Telegram group.
  • No major social interaction.
  • Website links not working sometime.
  • More 404 pages than information page.

…… and many more issues, which no one expect from such reputed name.

Even after this blog if you find it difficult to operate on this platform, do seek help at our social channel of Altdecrypt: telegram and Whatsapp groups. 

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Let us see what this website tell us about itself:

WHAT IS KODAKCOIN A New Kind of Money KODAKCoin allows participating photographers to take part in a new economy for photography, receive payment for licensing their work immediately upon sale, and sell their work confidently on a secure blockchain platform.

Grow and Expand We help you business to grow and expand. We provides always our best services for our clients and always try to achieve our client’s trust and satisfaction.

Features of KodakOne ICO:

  • Safe & Secure Be sure in your account security and your funds safe.
  • Experts Support Support will answer your questions regarding KodakCoins.
  • Mobile Apps Perfectly developed mobile apps will open new opportunities.
  • Instant Exchange Instant Exchange allows you to send KodakCoin and pay for it
  • Wallet Perfectly developed mobile apps will open new opportunities.
  • Recuring Buys Recurring transaction feature allows you to schedule future

Technical Details :

  • Algoritham: SHA256
  • 2,000,000,000 total coins
  • 1,051,898,000 Coins will be mined in 5 years
  • Premine: 0.5%
  • Block target: 30 seconds
  • Difficulty change target: 2 blocks
  • Reward Type: POW
  • Block reward:
    • 200 KODAKOne/block for the first 5 years
    • -20 KODAKOne/block after 5,259,490 blocks (-5 years), until the total number of coins reaches 2 billion in approx. 45 years.
  • Mined block confirmations: 120
  • Transaction confirmations: 6
  • P2P Port: 18123
  • RPC Port: 18124

Overall report says that KodakOne ICO misses a lot things and we wont recommend it you all.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything related to KodakOne ICO and your interpretation of this article.






KodakOne ICO

KodakOne ICO

Whitepaper, Technical Paper, 1-Pager

0.0 /10

Team, Members and Office

0.0 /10

Website Review

2.0 /10

Firm Establishment

10.0 /10

Referral and Bounties

5.0 /10

Token/ Coin Price

5.0 /10

Gap in Pre ICO and ICO Sale

0.0 /10

Smart Contract/ Token Sale

0.0 /10

Investment Options

7.0 /10

Social Presence

4.0 /10

Positive Points

  • Big Brand Name
  • Domain booked for 5 years

Negative Points

  • No project details
  • No whitepaper
  • No team work.
  • No Telegram group
  • Now website maintenance
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