Powtoken ICO Offers Free 38537 POW To All

An ICO giving away token for Free! Free! Free! Seems amazing and fake. But, this is true and Powtoken ICO giving away not 1, 10 or 100 or even 1000 POW free, but 38537 POW to all registrations, without paying a single piece of money.

And it is not restricted to any country or kind. Its free for everyone and from all Nations. Just 2 things you have to remember before applying for free POW coins, that you must have a social account, either or Facebook or Twitter.

The best part is that you use both social accounts easily and separately. You will get 38537 POW on each account. We are not reviewing this ICO as it’s Airdrop or you can say free token distribution ICO.

Still we have to know a little bit about it. We will try to summarize the concept and free Airdrop.

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The value of these 35837 POW Tokens now is 0.88$. If it is free, it is not bad.



Your POWtoken.com account is for sending and receiving POW ‘lite’ to and from your friends. Initially we have integrated with Facebook, but will soon roll-out more social media platforms that can be used. All the free allocations of POW ‘lite’, are simoultaneously represented by a real ERC20 token on the blockchain. These real ERC20 POW tokens are held in a single ETH account on the Ethereum blockchain. Your individual holding of POW ‘lite’ is kept track of using a centralised database and is ‘off-Blockchain’. The POWtoken.com site operates that database and gives you access to your POW ‘lite’ and the ability to transfer it to friends (currenctly restricted to your Facebook friends, but soon to be including your friends on all the major social media networks).

Nearly 7500 new members joining everyday.


A nice way to think about this is using early telephone networks as an example. When the first telephone networks were developed, the phone companies used to give new customers phones and connect them to the network for free. When there were no other users on the network, the early adopters didn’t get any utility from the phone. It was just a silent object which sat on their hallway table. Distributing the phones was just a cost, with no immediate benefit for the phone company. However, as the network started to grow, and people started to ring each other, the phones’ utility started to increase, making ownership of the phone highly attractive and creating a virtuous circle which lead to almost 100% ownership amongst the public. The above can be applied directly to distribution of an electronic currency. Right at the beginning there is no real benefit in owning it, but as the network of owners grows, the utility grows massively, meaning that almost any transaction you currently do with traditional money could be done with POW ‘lite’ with zero fees and lightning speed and ease.

Analysis: Till the time it is Free!, we do not care much. When it will not be, we will review it. As simple as that.

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