SuperBitcoin SBTC Launch News

Super Bitcoin SBTC

** Make Bitcoin Great Again.


  • Smart Contracts.
  • Lightning Network.
  • Zero-Knowledge Proofs.
  • Bigger Blocks.

About Super Bitcoin

Please remember: “This is just an experiment.”

We are merely implementing the proposals recommended by the bitcoin community. Only when we put talk into action can we make bitcoin great again.

Privacy : Embed zero-knowledge proofs to safeguard privacy.

Scalability : Support Turing-complete smart contracts to enable more functionality.

Big Block Size : Expand block size to 8MB.


2017.12.12 : Fork the blockchain at the height of 498888, starting our revolutionary experiment.

2018.3.31 : Embed smart contracts, improving scalability of BTC.

2018.5.31 : Incorporate zero-knowledge proofs.

2018.11.30 : Remove dynamic checkpoint protection.

What is SuperBitcoin (SBTC)?

The expansion war over the past three years has severely hindered the development of the bitcoin technology. Bitcoin has lost a tremendous share of the cryptocurrency market due to aggressive competition coming from the likes of Ethereum and ZCash. The bitcoin community has therefore gathered a group of enthusiasts and developers who share the goal of revitalizing bitcoin dominance. The fork will take place at block height 498888, after which new functionalities will be added to the forked chain. The original bitcoin holders will be compensated with one super BTC for every BTC held.


What is the total supply of SBTC?

SBTC will have a total supply of 21,210,000, of which 210,000 will be pre-mined.


What is the purpose of pre-mining?

The 210,000 pre-mined tokens will be managed by the Super BTC Foundation and primarily used to encourage early developers, invest in the super BTC ecosystem and ensure the operation of the Super BTC Foundation.




Pools :

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Special Note :  I personally received 0.0040 SBTC yesterday from Binance Exchange.

Even after this blog if you find it difficult to operate on this platform, do seek help at our social channel of Altdecrypt: telegram and Whatsapp groups. 

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything related to SBTC (Super Bitcoin) and your interpretation of this article.

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