VinChain ICO The Truth About Vehicles On Blockchain

VinChain ICO is creating a worldwide blockchain registry of used vehicle information that is 100% transparent, reliable, and accessible by everyone.  VinChain ICO a completely new concept of buying old cars and maintaining the data of your current car and driving through its Unique Mobile app.

VinChain ICO Details:

ICO Date: 01 Feb’18 To 15 Apr’18 ( 29 Jan’18 for Whitelisters)

1 ETH = 20000 VIN (Base Price)

Discount : 40 % in Beginning to 5% in end times.

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Let us check now what VinChain ICO has to say about itself.

VinChain ICO: The whole Truth about a Vehicle’s History on a Blockchain

How VinChain Works Since only seller is aware of the true condition of a used car, it’s not easy for the buyer to predict whether the car will truly be in a “good” or “bad” condition. VinChain is the world’s first decentralized international automotive data marketplace that will reveal the full history of any vehicle.

VinChain App The VinChain app will make the usage of your vehicle as safe as possible with deep analytics, behavioral analysis, and diagnostic monitoring so you can drive with confidence!

  • Stay In Touch With Your Car The VinChain app will allow you to get the best offers for car maintenance, help you find your car on a huge parking lot, and you can even remotely control your vehicle! You will also receive discounts on services such as maintenance, refueling, and washing
  • Drive With Confidence The VinChain app can collect statistics pertaining to your driving style and suggest ways to drive more economically to save gas and wear-and-tear of the vehicle. This information can also be shared with your insurance company to reduce your premium by up to 30%!
  • Telematics Hardware Choose from a wide range of VinChain devices which can be installed in seconds and deliver real-time data to the Vinchain system. Keeping all of this collected information on the blockchain will confirm its reliability and will increase the value of the vehicle at the time of sale!
  • Constantly Connected With the help of the VinChain OBD device, your car will always be connected to our network. As a result you will have consistent, reliable information about your car, including real-time GPS data.
  • Behavioral Data Vinchain will collect vehicle usage and behavioural data, helping you to understand your driving style and how you can save money by driving more economically. This data will be used to offer services and discounts on the things that are relevant and of interest to the driver
  • Diagnostic Data With the aid of our device you will be aware of any vehicle health and performance errors, so every time you enter your car you can rest assured that your vehicle is safe to drive.
  • Contextual Data We collect all information about the car including the contextual data too. We collect data from 3rd party companies as well. This paints a complete picture when the information is necessary.
  • Open API VinChain will develop and facilitate the integration of vehicle data into new and existing applications with the help of our open APIs and mobile SDKs

Save up to 30% on your insurance policy

Before VinChain your insurance premiums were generalized and based on age, location, and gender. So even if you are a safe driver, you would still get charged more because of other bad drivers in your category.

  • Lower Premiums VinChain assesses your driving and can provide your insurance company with this information. They will in return create a policy that is unique to you and based on your actual driving, and not on generalized statistics.
  • Pay As You Drive Many insurance companies offer special ‘pay as you drive’ programs as a reward for good drivers
  • Useful Tips VinChain will collect statistics on your driving style and will provide you with tips how to improve your skills and to lower your policy premium

Get Paid for Your Data

When you generate data with our OBD device YOU own the data. So that means YOU decide what information you are comfortable with sharing and what should remain private. When you contribute your data to VinChain, you are rewarded with VinChain tokens. If you have our OBD device plugged in you choose what data you share. You can use these tokens for the following:

  • Sell it on an exchange.
  • Pay for services.
  • Get discounts from our partners.

How This Data Will Be Useful

  • VinChain API Vinchain will provide an API solution for insurance companies, leasing companies, and claim handling services by giving them API access to our database
  • VinChain App Vinchain will provide information about your driving style to the insurance company so they will be able to create a policy specially for you.
  • Whitelabel Our partners will be able to sell VinChain verified vehicle reports to their customers with their own branding OR will be able to supplement their own reports with VinChain data.
  • VinChain Reports The information collected by VinChain will be used to create transparent and reliable reports that will be available for purchase
  • Immutable Database VinChain is a decentralized and transparent database where the information is impossible to fraudulently modify.
  • Big Data Analytics The statistical information collected by VinChain will be used for big data analytics for large enterprises

Overall report says that VinChain ICO is good as per project and future talks. You can try investing in it.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything related to VinChain ICO and your interpretation of this article.

VinChain ICO

VinChain ICO

Whitepaper, Technical Paper, 1-Pager

9.0 /10

Team, Members and Office

10.0 /10

Website Review

10.0 /10

Firm Establishment

8.0 /10

Referral and Bounties

8.0 /10

Token/ Coin Price

8.0 /10

Gap in Pre ICO and ICO Sale

10.0 /10

Smart Contract/ Token Sale

5.0 /10

Investment Options

9.0 /10

Social Presence

10.0 /10

Positive Points

  • Vehicle history on blockchain
  • Large areas covered than CarVertical ICO
  • VinChain app to store all data

Negative Points

  • Tokens distributed after sale ends.
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